Our Story

Flourish Stonewear began in October 2018 by us, Larra and Dawn. Our ceramic jewellery is handmade by Larra, in her home studio in Ottawa, Ontario. All business aspects are handled by Dawn in her home office in Ottawa, Ontario. Together, we think we make a pretty creative, well-rounded team!


Each piece is individually crafted with hours of attention being paid to the finest details. Some of our designs are modern and sassy while others are sweet and classical but all are surprisingly light-weight. We use porcelain, speckled clay, black clay and a variety of glazes, overglazes (gold lustre and Mother of Pearl overglaze) and some seriously fun attachments. Every time we open the kiln, it's like Christmas morning to us! We love seeing what the results of the glazes mixed with the extreme heat (2300 degrees Celsius) and gradual cool-down will bring!

We are both bustling with our active families but our ideas and our passion for our tiny business never run dry. We will always be true to ourselves and remain steadfast in our visions and you will see that in every element of our work. We hope you enjoy!

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