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This is me, on a good day. Most days I’m dressed in much less-cute clothing, with no makeup and my hair tied back. The perks of working from home. I also rarely get a moment to myself. I’m a workaholic, like most entrepreneurs, and have a family on the side 😉. I am passionate about advocating for mental health and ASD, as 2 of my teens are on the spectrum.  Life has not been easy breezy lemon squeezie, but I’m so thankful for the journey and all the friends I’ve made along the way, including all of you.

I am so thankful for Flourish Stonewear. I prayed for years for a job I could do that I could be passionate about but still flexible enough that I could attend to the unique needs of my family. 10 years ago my neighbour asked me to take a pottery course with her. 5 years ago my best friend said she could make it into a business, and today I am able to bring those creative passions to life in the jewelry I make. My heart is filled with gratitude.

If you ever need anything just ask. I’m always willing to share my life, my knowledge, my stuff with everyone. This life is going by quickly and I don’t want to waste a day of it.

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