Our Process

The process of making ceramic jewelry begins with sketches on paper; a rough draft of what the finished product will look like.


The clay or porcelain is then evenly rolled out to the desired thinness.  Textures are used (we won't tell you with what to keep our design secrets a secret!) to imprint the clay with an appealing design. 


The clay is then cut into shapes, holes are added, and edges are smoothed.  The clay is left to air dry completely. 


When the clay is bone dry, it is stacked, placed in the kiln and fired to 2300 degrees Celsius.  After firing for several hours, the kiln must be adequately cooled before the pieces can be removed to prevent cracking.  The pieces are then separated and sorted into groups for glazing.

Glazes are painted on three times to create an even colour.  The pieces are fired once more in a single layer to prevent the items from fusing together.  Gold, rose gold or silver leaf will be added to certain pieces and covered with 3 layers of varnish.  


The pieces are now ready to be made into jewellery by adding jewellery fixtures such a chains and earring hooks.

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