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Jewellery Care

Flourish Stonewear designs are created with porcelain, stoneware, glazes and 22k gold and white gold lustre. Each piece is handcrafted, allowing for slight variations and providing a uniqueness to our jewellery.

Porcelain is strong but delicate. Please consider handling and wearing your porcelain pieces much the same as pearls, glass or gemstones. You may gently wipe your pendants with a soft, damp cloth and dry promptly. Handling the stoneware portion after applying hand lotion or touching oils could cause discoloration of the pendant so please be careful. Essential oils can certainly be applied to the backs of porcelain or stoneware where the natural color of the oil will not ruin the artistic design on the front.

When storing our jewellery, please be mindful of the glaze on the pendant becoming scratched by harsh objects around it. Consider storing our jewellery in plastic, zippered-styled bags and keeping it away from oxygen and moisture which can, with all metals, cause tarnishing and wear.  If the chain tarnishes, wipe with a soft cloth treated with jewellery cleaner.  

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